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Welcome to Ekambit

Ekambit newsletter provides insights into the Financial Markets, with a focus on India.

Get instant free access to our custom Ekambit Strength Index (ESI) Indicator for 7 days via Tradingview.  No credit card required. Drop us an email after sign-up with your Tradingview ID.

A Basic Tradingview account (free) is sufficient to use ESI Indicator with your charts.  You do not need a Pro, Pro+ or Premium Tradingview account.

Membership Benefits

After 7 days, if you think ESI Indicator is useful, you can convert your Basic membership to Premium and get lifetime access to ESI Indicator together with support and upgrades.

Further, Premium members will have access to Ekambit Comprehensive Index (ECI) indicator, which takes into account Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Quantitative methods, Sentiment and Macro factors to provide you with a high conviction single indicator for longer term trades.

ECI will be provided via different channel(s) and not tied to Tradingview, since its inputs are far-reaching and comprehensive.

ECI is a work in progress; watch this space!

Membership Plans

Do checkout the membership plans - without appearing boastful, we are confident this is the best investment in yourself that you can make today.

Using ESI indicator, retail traders have been able to earn back 100 times the monthly fee of $9 in a single day, with remarkable consistency.

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