Are you tired of the excessive noise, misinformation and self-interest involved in propagating news and views by one and all?

Add to it the widespread exploitation of hardworking salaried retail traders with paid webinars, paid Telegram channels, and Twitter extravaganzas which are primarily opinions and branding/ marketing tools rather than actionable information which can be consistently, reliably and repeatably used by you.

When the Federal Reserve, Reserve Bank of India, Hedge Funds and Institutional Traders all rely on DATA to make decisions, why are you still relying on other people's self-aggrandizing and self-interest driven OPINIONS?  Make the data work for you.  Have the confidence to make your own decisions.  Rely on data, and only data.

We are determined to help retail traders earn profits in the markets.  Historically institutions and professional traders have gained at retailers' expense.  It is a fact that 90% of retail traders lose money.  That is, until now.

Trading need not be complicated.  We are creating tools which you can readily use, test and deploy without second guessing, second opinion, approval or expert assistance.  What you see is what you get.  We aim to give back power to you, the retail trader.

While there are several intraday strategies, longer term trades require processing all available information (macro & micro) and a fair bit of judgement.  To this end, we are currently building the Ekambit Comprehensive Index (ECI) indicator.

For short-term trades, check out our latest Ekambit Strength Index (ESI) indicator.

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